Keeping our Liverpool Day Nursery kids fuelled

Keeping our Liverpool Day Nursery kids fuelled

The children who attend our Liverpool Day Nursery are provided with three meals at regular intervals throughout the day. Meals are freshly cooked and prepared on site by Cathy who holds a Level 2 qualification in Food Catering and Safety. Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients complying with all dietary and religious requirements. A two week menu is followed that is changed each term, as partnerships with parents are high on our list of priorities we ask for all parents’ contribution when devising new menus.

With breakfasts being the most important meal of the day we provide a variety of excellent option.

By lunch time we have worked up quite an appetite.  So we need to refuel for our busy afternoons.

And of course let’s not forget our snack times, because it’s important to keep our kids engines running throughout the day.

Our Day Nursery in Liverpool supports healthy eating.

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