Pre-School Room 3 – 5 yrs

The Pre School room at our Day Nursery in Liverpool is run by Dominique who is a Level 2 Practitioner currently working towards her Level 3.

The children in this room are supported with Continuous provision play this takes part each day in the children’s daily routine. This allows children to make their own choice to play indoors or outdoors in all-weather conditions as waterproof clothing is provided.  Each area of development is set out in the outdoor environment so all children are gaining the same development as they would, being indoors.

The Children are encouraged to self-serve meals this includes breakfast Lunch and self-service snack times this allows them the option of making their own choices as well as being independent with self-care, this includes toileting, brushing of teeth and general personal hygiene. The children have participated in a number of displays to show how they promote this.

We also have a qualified Art teacher who will conduct a session each week with a group of children.