“Thank you so much for looking after my little girl for the last four years. She has done so many fun things and made so many friends that she is really sad to leave.”


I love you and will you very much love Poppy.xx


To everybody that has looked after me I am going to miss you all so much thank you for everything. Lots of love hugs and kisses Olivia.xx


Thanks for looking after me so well these last few years. Conor.xx


Thank you so much for your support.


To all the Staff at W.V.D.N

Thanks doesn’t seem a lot to say… 4 years ago we sent in a helpless baby and you have all been like parents to her… she is who she is now because of each of you. We have to take over all on our own now but she will always have a part of the nursery in her. One mistake we all make though she talks too much. Thanks for the 4 years , please bring up our third Child. Amit and Clair.xxx